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Project logistics

Project logistics requires precise planning in combination with global coordination. Our experts offer individual solutions for truck, rail, sea and river transport.

We offer end-to-end coordination of all necessary steps and the detailed planning of transport routes. Our services include procurement and management of all required documentation as well as the tracking of goods and freight documents.

We also manage customs clearances, insurance оf goods and offer comprehensive survey services.

Our service for project logistics:

  1. Centralized coordination for all stages of logistics
  2. Detailed planning of transport routes
  3. Loading and unloading, assembly work
  4. Procurement of all necessary documents for the project cargo according to the legal requirements of every state that the transport route runs through
  5. Development of schemes for the loading and securing of goods.
  6. Survey services
  7. Tracking of transport vehicles and freight papers
  8. Customs clearance
  9. Cargo insurance